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Normally, in the life of Ron (that’s me, silly), Sundays are boring and lazy, but I still enjoy it because why not, you get a day all to yourself. Anyway, today (17th November, 19) being a Sunday, was unlike any other Sunday. Why? Well, because I had a meet-up with my colleagues (former and current) in the evening. Tbh, I’m not so much into socializing with people (especially face-to-face ones), but this particular hangout I was looking forward to, mainly because I was catching up with an old colleague and friend after quite a long time.

So the four of us; Bhumika, Jainy, Meenakshi, and me were meeting at a cafe called ‘Cafe De Italiano‘. I was told to reach the destination at 5:30, but unfortunately, it took me 20-odd extra minutes (I blame traffic for the delay)!

The cafe had pretty dim lightings, but the overall ambiance of the place was lovely. Honestly, I loved the decorations and stuff! Anyway, we found a suitable place to plonk ourselves as nice background music was playing. It took us a while to order and while it was being prepared, we engaged in conversation. We talked about about life, stuff, and everything (I was mostly listening, tbh). Just a heads up, I’m a pretty damn good listener! πŸ˜›

Moving on, the food (and drinks) finally arrived. There was a Chocolate Indulgence Freak Shake, Tandoori Bite Sandwich, and Melting Cheese Sandwich. We three (Jainy, Meenakshi, and me) dug in while Bhumika just ordered a green-apple mojito (who does that?!), and not to forget, secretly take a video of us gobbling food.

We (except Bhumika) filled our bellies, clicked photos, (that’s mandatory, isn’t it!) and left with happy smiles on our faces. It was a satisfying and ‘content’ evening with friends.

A Sunday, very well spent! Would definitely love to go out again with these amazing peeps! (:

2 thoughts on “A ‘Content’ Meeting On A Sunday Evening

  1. Awww! Sweet post! I don’t really do much socializing either! Lol. However, I love quality time with friends every now and again too! 😁

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