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The day had arrived for Mike Sierra Healthcare to unveil its name plate in the lobby area. It was high time for a plate to go up on the wall especially considering the fact that the company had shifted offices sometime in July last year. The gap was long and it had to be done. With Vasant Sir and Sonal ma’am in town, the time was nigh. On 27th March 2019, Vasant Sir and a few others organized an event for unveiling of the company name plate. At about 11 o’clock, all of us (employees) were summoned to cease work and gather in the lobby. We did as we were told.


As we made our way to the lobby, we noticed a few guests making their entrance into our workplace. Soon as the guests trudged in, Vasant Sir introduced them to us. The special guests were none other than his family members. A few handshakes and smiles were exchanged before Vasant Sir handed the special guests a pair of scissors each and requested them to slice the long red ribbon. They did so with glee while we clapped in unison. The claps continued as Vasant Sir removed the bright red cloth that was covering the engraved plate that had the words “Mike Sierra Healthcare Private Limited” and “Mike Sierra Technologies” written on it.


Mike Sierra and More

A few pictures were clicked followed by some seconds of silence as Vasant Sir geared up for a speech. Vasant Sir began his speech by thanking his parents as most would do, before appreciating his wife Sonal ma’am and daughter Mannat for their unwavering strength and support. He further added that one must never give up and keep believing in their abilities. It was a heartwarming speech that touched each and every individual’s heart.


We made a thunderous clap as Vasant Sir concluded his speech. The ceremony was over. It was done and dusted. But, the party had just begun. Vasant Sir was taking the entire office staff out for lunch. Crowne Plaza was the location which was hardly a few kilometres away (from our office). At about quarter past one we had all reached our destination. The hotel-cum-restaurant was a beauty and as we made our entry into the 5-star eating arena, we gauged through the room and noticed food everywhere. It was a buffet system, which meant you could eat to your heart’s content. And guess what, we all did.


Another photo sesh took place. We’d like to call that the after meal photo session. Once done, it was time for us to head back to office. We bid Sir and Ma’am goodbye as they had to attend to some urgent work. We all, on the other hand, were summoned by Samir Sir to make the way back to office and continue our pending work. The party was over, which was obviously sad. But, everyone had a ball of a time. Moments were created that will be cherished forever.


Thank you Vasant Sir and Sonal Ma’am for such a special day!

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