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Before last year (2019) closed out, I had gone on a family trip to Mount Abu in Rajasthan. I know its already been almost two weeks since that trip and I’m posting this now, but then, I had a lot going on (not to forget, my laziness also played a part in the delay). Anyway, back to the year-end trip to Mount Abu!

Day One – Ready, Set, Go

We took off for the short three-day trip on Monday the 23rd of December, 2019 at 7 am in the morning. Since it was around 450 kilometers (6 to 7 hours, tops), we decided to go by bus. The bus was a sleeper class one, which is way better than the one where you just have to sit (and sprain your neck and perhaps, back too). We finally reached Mount Abu at about half-past one and went straight to our hotel to freshen up. Once we all freshened up, we decided to take a stroll to the Great Nakki Lake that was nearby. It sure was a picturesque sight!

There were many many food shops near the lake, and we were hungry. So we entered a restaurant named Mother’s Kitchen to grab a bite. After filling our bellies, we went for another stroll around the lake. This time we clicked a few pictures (very mandatory for any trip, tbh), then sat beside the lake for some time before calling it a day since we were all tired from the bus ride.

Day Two – Some More Sightseeing

The next day, after breakfast, we once again we to the Nakki Lake and took a look at some beautiful wall paintings that were right next to it. Apart from the Nakki Lake there wasn’t much too see, but soon we learned about a place called Sunset Point. It sounded pretty interesting so we decided to go there, but in the evening.

At a about three-ish, we took a cab and went to Sunset Point. It was a five-minute ride, but then here’s the thing – when we reached sunset point, it was not actually…err Sunset Point. We had to cross a steep road to reach Sunset Point, which my cousin brother, my sister and I did so by walking. I was huffing and puffing when we reached. My parents, on the other hand, opted for the go-kart ride, which I believe would’ve been the smart option.

We reached the top and could literally see the whole of Rajasthan from there. Also, there were stairs to go up even more, which we all did. Being a tad scared of heights, I climbed up slowly – step by step. Won’t lie, but when I reached the topmost spot, I was feeling uneasy and scared, so I went down and sat in one corner; away from the beautiful view.

Unfortunately, we were two hours early said the local tea man there. Though he did tell us to wait, but then, we were not to patient enough to wait for the sun to set. We went back to the hotel from there.

Day Three – Time To Head Back

Our check out time was 9 AM so it was obvious, there wasn’t much time to go for round three. We checked out and headed straight to the nearby Mount Abu bus depot. Our bus was scheduled to leave at 10, so we waited near the depot. While we waited, we had some tea to warm ourselves. (Oh I forgot, I was very chilly in Mount Abu)

The bus left on time, but we reached two hours later than normal. And not to forget, the bus ride back to Ahmedabad was a terrible one for me personally. But despite a not-so-good ending, the overall trip to Mount Abu was a satisfying and much-needed one for me.

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  1. What a gorgeous location for a trip! I love mountainous areas – there’s something so serene about them. Can you hike up there, rather than getting the bus?

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