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Open Letter Jess

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. Honestly, I didn’t have the courage to do so before. But now, here I am, trying to write an honest letter to someone whom I just recently met (50+ days and counting), and who means quite a lot to me now actually. Its actually crazy how in a short span of time, I have developed this great bond with you. Well, at least feel so.
Moreover, it’s amazing how that in just this short span of time I have gotten to know you (not fully yet, but still). Sure feels amazing to me, and I hope this continues. Anyway, I had this crazy idea of writing an honest letter to you, and here it is. (I hope I did the right thing.)

And so it begins…

Dear Jess,

5th March 2020 was the day I met you (not physically, unfortunately) but via this app called Twitter. I remember that day quite vividly actually. The Women’s T20 World Cup was going on and it was semi-finals day. I was at work, so I could not catch the game but found solace on Twitter, as they were giving me the live updates. I was checking through Twitter when I came across a post by the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. I clicked on it and was going through the comments when I came across your reply to their post. And being a super inquisitive person, I replied to your reply on that post. And then, I opened up your profile to stalk you (sorry). Went through a few of your latest tweets and felt this strange connection as to how similar we were. Call it weird or whatever, I actually did get this similar-ness vibe. I had to follow you, which I, of course, did eventually. Within a matter of a few minutes, I got a notification. You followed me back. I was happy. Real happy. Pretty much jumped for joy that very moment, haha.

I felt or rather assumed that you following me back was a way of us being friends already. So I quickly tweeted to you and thanked Australia Women’s cricket team for making me cross paths with you. (look below)

We were officially friends. Yay! I felt good. Hoping you felt the same way too.

Three days later, it was the women’s World Cup Final between Australia and India. And oh, I remember adding you on Snapchat the same day we met. And you being a big fan of the Aussie women’s team, I knew you’d be going to the MCG to catch the game live. You did actually!

Although my team (India) went down heavily to deserving winners Australia, I was still happy. Because I) I did like the Aussie team, especially players like Perry, Lanning, Healy, Schutt, etc. And ii), imagining how happy you would be made me really happy. Trust me it did.

A few days later, I remember waking up to the news that one person in the crowd was tested positive for the coronavirus. I was scared. Real scared. I thought about you at that very moment. I had barely known you for a week by then, but still, the caring side of me started to trickle into me. And I remember snapping you about this and you were like you’re fine and all. I was satisfied with your answer, but still a little scared and worried.

The second week into our friendship and we began playing Snappable (games by Snapchat). It was fun and competitive, all at the same time. You won some, and I won some. It was even stevens (or was it?). It truly showed how competitive we were despite it being just Snapchat games. And I honestly liked that in you. The competitive nature. That’s something we all should have. And ah, I did keep a record of our games (just goes to show how competitive I am too, haha)

As weeks passed, I had gotten to know more about you and your family. What really touched me when you spoke about your family was when you decided to go live with your grandma after the demise of your grandpa. Staying with her and taking care of her just goes to show your real character and the person who you really are! When you told me about this, all I could think of is how pure your heart actually is. A heart of gold. I had so much respect for you since that very day (still do).

I wanted to know more about you after that talk, and my inquisitiveness told me to go have a look at your Twitter. Which I did. I went through your tweets (all of it). Learned so much more about you. I got to know how big of a Demi Lovato fan you are. I also learned about what you went through. There were so many relatable tweets in there that I almost got teary-eyed. I felt it so hard. I felt for you. You didn’t deserve to go through all that all by yourself. I wish I had known you before but then it hit me – we cross paths only when it is meant to be.

It’s only been about 50 days or so since I know you and this might be weird or crazy or whatever you might think it is but you mean so much to me. You already do.

I’ll let you in on another secret here. I had this crazy idea that once the coronavirus goes away for good, I’ll book my flight and go visit you. I really do want to do that and hopefully, I might. And maybe someday we’ll watch a game of cricket at the iconic MCG.

I don’t know how or what you think about me, but what I do know is that you’re one gem of a person and I cannot afford to lose you. Oh yeh!

(Also, as I write this, I don’t know what your reaction will be when you read this. But I am scared. Really shit scared. Hopefully, I didn’t mess it up by writing this letter. I just did what I wanted to, you know!)

Moving on, there are days when I want to speak my heart out to you, but then it’s crazy to think anything good will ever happen to me. So I just shut myself out, and just hope for the best.

Cuz well, I cannot ruin my bond with you because I have always ruined things with my friends in some way or the other. So yes, I’m scared. But also, I am so lucky I got to know you, Jess. And hopefully,in the days to come, I’ll get to know you more. But for now, I’m focussing on trying to be a better person, and hopefully I will! We all have flaws, and nobody is perfect and we all have to accept that. The faster we do, the better for us. Right?

Anyway, I thought of writing the best letter to you and I am pretty sure I screwed it up. So, yeh, I’m sorry about that.

I’d like to end by saying that I really hope good things will happen to you and that you’ll never ever have to go through the things you did. Now, these might sound like mere words but I am with you. Always. Not physically (as of now), but I promise, I will always be there for you.

Just a teeny tiny reminder – you mean a lot to me. You do, yeh! (:

You are “Jess” so amazing! (:


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