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Dear Rachel,

Guess what; its the 18th of February today. And you know what that means? That’s right, it’s your birthday, silly. So here’s me, your official best friend, wishing you, my official best friend, a very happy birthday. I really hope you have an amazing year ahead filled with tons of happiness, bucketful of love, and most importantly, an abundance of good health.

That’s my best friend Rachel. Ain’t she pretty?

Since it’s your birthday today, I wanted to talk about you in this open letter of mine. Specifically you. So how do I begin… Well, let me start with:

Our First Conversation

Silly Snapchat filters…

I honestly don’t really remember when we started talking, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in December of 2018. Back then I used to use this app called Kik Messenger and it had these groups and stuff on it. But no silly, we didn’t know each other through a Kik group. There was also this new Kik feature called ‘meet random person’ where the algorithm randomly connects you with a stranger and you get 15 minutes to talk and add each other as your friend. I think it was kinda cute for Kik to have such a feature. So anyway, as luck would have it, we connected and we talked. And the moment we did, I get a connection. A very strong connection. I probably think you felt it too. We spoke to each other in a funny yet savage manner, which seemed to be our go-to thing I reckon. Moments later, I added ya and you did the same.

“Hi, I am Ronald”

“Hey, I’m Rachel”

And that’s that, we became friends that very day. Also, who knew, we’d become best friends in just over 365 days’ time.

Making The Move To Snapchat

Ron's Snaps
Some of the silliest pics I’ve sent…

For some weird reason, our conversations on Kik was dying down. But we learned to find a solution, that’s right; move to another social media app. And Snapchat it was! 11th January 2019 was the day we added each other on Snapchat (thank you Snapchat for having this amazing feature of keeping a track of the days we add people). Till today, we still converse via Snapchat (sometimes Facebook too, lol). Some conversations good, some really heart touching while some are simply “EWW” and Rach, you know what I’m talking about (those cut-outs, dummy)! EWW!!!

Amazeballs Friendo

Always keep smiling Rach…

Okay, so I’ve been thanking God for making me cross paths with you (not literally, but well, we soon will). Rach, you are an incredible person with an incredibly big heart. You care for people, you care for your family, you care for the ones you love and that’s what makes you one hell of a person. Sure, you have your cons, but don’t we all have that? Anyway, I’ve known you for more than a year now, and I am super glad I did. No one could have asked for a better best friend. I guess I just got lucky here. Haha.

Another amazing thing about you is that you love people for who they are. I remember how I keep saying how ugly I am and you kept telling me that it doesn’t matter. What matters is a person’s heart. And it’s due to your awesomeness that I don’t care taking ugly face pictures and sending them to you on Snapchat.

You’re actually a pivotal part of my life now, best friend! Will always be!

Tiffs And All, But Still Going Strong

Another dumb snap sent by me…

Okay so all besties have fights and we’ve had our fair share of them. I remember a couple of those BIG incidences where we argued like there’s no tomorrow. I know I just want to talk about the good things today but its important to mention these tiffs. It’s important because these tiffs and arguments have made our bonding stronger than ever. It definitely has! So yes, I owe those tiffs some thank you’s. Haha!

Ending With Hope

Stay as fab as ever…

There’s so much more to write, but I promised myself to keep it short! I’d like to end by saying this: For many, online friendships count for very little and for obvious reasons, obviously. To me though, I strongly disagree. If you talk with someone and be honest and open, they are just the same as the friends you have around you. It’s just that you don’t or can’t get to hug your online friend when you need them to be around you. But they, that’s possible. I’m sure there will come a day when I too, can travel to the country you reside in, best friend and give you that big huge hug you so richly deserve. A hug for coming into my dull life. A hug for being so caring. A hug for tolerating me. A hug for just being my amazing best friend.

I love you, Rach. And I am quite sure it’s the same for you as well. Besties for life. OWW YEAH!!!

Lots of Love,

From Ron (yer BFF)!

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Best Friend

  1. This was so beautiful! Iā€™m mad that none of my friends have ever done this for me! šŸ˜‚ But seriously, I think itā€™s great that you have made such a wonderful connection. Nothing like a best friend!

  2. Oh I loved reading this letter! I’m sure your best friend did too. The anecdotes and pictures were awesome. Y’all are really lucky for having found each other through the random Kik feature which lead to today šŸ™‚

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