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Open letter to Rose

Today (30th July, 2020), happens to be International Friendship Day, and there no better day than to write an open letter about a certain friendship that is really special to me, or should I say, has just recently become very special to me. So without taking much time, let me delve straight into it.

Dear Rose,

Unexpected friendships are simply the best, don’t you think? Take the example of us. We technically became ‘facebook’ somewhere in 2013 (seven years ago!) and only just recently we started talking and getting to know each other. Sometimes it feels kinda disappointing that we did not bother to text each other while we were fb friends, and it took us almost more than 7 years to actually get the ball rolling. But then, everything happens for a reason, right? And our friendship couldn’t have blossomed at a better time than now. It was all God’s plan I reckon.

Anyway, the last few months have been really good. Getting to know you and talking about life and stuff has been really enjoyable. From what I have picked out, you are such a kind human at heart and an even amazing friend to have. Perhaps, I feel super lucky to have a friend like you. Its amazing how in the past few months our bond has grown stronger, and I am quite sure the bond with grow from strength to strength.

Friendship Story

It’s funny how we became friends on facebook 7 years ago, but it took a mobile game called PUBG to actually get to know each other. I remember that day very clearly, when one day, while I was online in PUBG, I saw you online and wondered “Who is this girl that’s already in my friend list?” Out of curiousity, I clicked on your picture and was like, “oh I think I know this person from facebook”. And I guess I invited you for a game, and you graciously accepted. Then during the game, we talked and it clicked in our minds that we have been friends on facebook for a very long time and that this is our very first conversation. Thereafter, we’ve been playing quite regularly with each other, at the same time, getting to know each other. Soon, we began talking on Facebook (FINALLY, ahaha), and now I can confirm that we are super good friends. It really feels amazing to have a friend who is not only a good gamer, but also a good human being.

Although Facebook does play a part in our friendship, but I guess PUBG should be thanked. Without PUBG, I think I would have missed out on becoming friends with such an incredible and kind person. Rose, you are a gem of a person, and I am so damn glad that we are friends. You’re literally a precious gem, and I cannot afford to lose you. Thanks for being an awesome friend. Hopefully, this friendship continues for years to come. And maybe just maybe, we could potentially meet some day. Fingers crossed on that.

Post Script

Also, I’d like to end by saying this beautiful quote about friendship, “a true friend is the best possession”. Thank you, Rose! I appreciate you more than ever!

With lots of love,


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