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B-Connect Episode 12

Another Sunday, another B-Connect blogger interview. Honestly, I have been loving this blogging series and I’m pretty sure my readers are too. This week on episode 12, I have with me a blogger friend named Taryn. Here’s all her answers to my questions.


Getting Prepped Up 

What is your name, and where you’re from?

I’m Taryn from South Africa.

What are some of your interests?

I love writing and photography and the outdoors.

What or who got you into blogging?

I had to fundraise for my Mother’s cancer treatment. So I started a blog to help with that.

Why do you love blogging?

At the moment blogging helps with my mental health. I write about things that I am going through and it helps with processing events and thoughts and emotions.

What does blogging mean to you?

Venting for my sanity.

Which is the best social platform for your blogs?

I’m mostly on Twitter. I haven’t had much success with other platforms.

What advice would you give to an upcoming blogger?

Be your authentic self. Patience. Resilience. Determination. Thick skin.

Honesty Blogger Hour

If you could meet one blogger you met online, whom would it be?

@TRJForBloggers ~ Ray is very supportive and has really put effort into the blogging community

According to you, name your three underrated bloggers.

  • @TRJForBloggers | therayjourney.com/blog
  • @DawnMarieBeauc1 | embracecontrolledchaos.com 
  • @KellyMartin_UK | kellymartinspeaks.co.uk

Your most favourite blog you’ve written till date.

I See Me: disintegration and reintegration

Your least favourite blog you have written.

Ssssh ~ about depression when I was in a bad space

The best blog you have read till date is…

@MedidativeO Very thoughtful. Very thorough. Very eloquent.

Would You Rather

Would you rather date an ugly person with a good heart or a beautiful/handsome person with a bad heart?

Good heart wins out every time. I’ve seen the destruction of a bad heart… I don’t want to have to live through that again.

Would you rather help the poor or waste it on a party?

Help the poor. Save the planet. Change the world.

Would you rather want your life to be full of money and suffering or less money and good health?

Good health!!!! I’ve already got health problems and it really makes living life harder.

Would you rather sit home and spend time with your family or go on a date with your celebrity crush?

If you could sit down with someone for just a few hours and ask them all the questions you ever wanted to. And you gained wisdom from that encounter that would otherwise have been lost… would be worth it? Yes. (Love you family, but once in lifetime ~ can’t pass up on that)

No More Secrets

Describe an incident you’re not proud of.

I’ve been a bad friend and was the toxic person in the relationship. I can never take it back but I have learned from it.

Three facts nobody knows about you.

  • I’m 6ft tall
  • I worked in a mortuary for two weeks
  • I am yet to publish any of the books I have written

Name of your secret crush.

Jason Momoa

Choices to Make

Twitter or Instagram


Tea or Coffee


Summer or Winter


Morning Person or Night Person


Introvert or Extrovert


Cake or Chocolate


KFC or McDonald’s


Money or Love


City or Countryside


Watching sports or playing it

Playing it

Movies or TV Shows

TV Shows

Marvel or DC Comics


Home-cooked food or Outside food

Home-cooked food

Gift giver or Gift Receiver

Gift giver

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Twitter: @arcanedrag0n

Website: www.dragonscodex.net

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