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B-Connect Episode 18 with Honey

I had ceased blogging for a while, but now I am back… back with another B-Connect episode. Its episode 18 and today I have with me a blogger all the way from Croatia. Her blogging name is Honey, and here’s her answers to the questions I threw at her.

P.S: You’ll love most of her answers! (:

Getting Prepped Up 

What is your name, and where you’re from?

For some reason, I don’t give up my real name in connection to the blogs, so I’ll go with Honey. This is weird because I have links to my Instagram and Twitter (with my real name and photos) on my blog. I’m crazy, I know. I’m from Croatia, a beautiful country you all should visit.

What are some of your interests?

If we’re talking about blogs, I’m very interested in fashion, nails and beauty in general, but in life I’m an aviation lover, nature lover, with high interest in traveling and interior design/decor. If anyone wants to talk about any of these, let me know… ☺ Also, crazy about dogs!

What or who got you into blogging?

My friend set up a blog just few weeks before me and she started a beauty blog, but what really triggered me was a „broken heart“ where I just wanted to write down my story. I then set up my first blog with personal stories and random ramblings that I still love to write. The first story had 3 parts and it was about my new friend and a guy I kinda had a crush on. Few months in, I started a blog about nails where I shared my manicures and, bit by bit, it turned into what Royal Lifestyle is today.

Why do you love blogging?

Because I have a feeling I can talk about anything I want and people will listen. There’s always audience for everything, so this is my platform to share my interests. I love to talk about certain stuff and I don’t want to bore all of my friends with the same stuff over and over. Haha. Also, I got some feedback that some of my posts actually helped someone in whatever ways so that made me really happy.

What does blogging mean to you?

It’s still just a hobby, but I take it quite seriously because I want to see how long can I keep running it and how far it can go. I did expand my topics and work in the past few months so I’m quite proud of that. Also, I got in touch with some awesome people so I will always be grateful for that.

Which is the best social platform for your blogs?

I only share my blogs on Twitter and that’s the only platform that’s connected to them. I can’t really tell how other platforms would work, but Twitter is working just fine for my needs. I was thinking about setting an Instagram account for my blog, but we’ll see if it happens or not in this or the next year.

What advice would you give to an upcoming blogger?

Oh God. This is cheesy, I know, but just do your thing. I tried to write the certain way and I felt like something was missing. Maybe I don’t have tons of views and brand deals, but I’m happy with my blog and that’s all that matters. Think of what do you want to achieve with your blog and why are you doing it and just go with that plan. Also, don’t go into it for the likes, numbers and free stuff. Trust me, it’ll be too much pressure and you’ll most probably fail.

Honesty Blogger Hour

If you could meet one blogger you met online, whom would it be?

I have to choose two – Hailey Jade Ryan from The Undateable Girl’s Diary and Tina Harvey from Tea is for Tina. They both have been here from my start and helped me so much in the process. I love talking to these girls. I also have one more, Anja from Gaia-S, but I did meet her in person. I have few more, but I already named too many. Haha.

According to you, name your three underrated bloggers.

Can I just repeat the names above? Again, there are more, but the list is too long… I have about 60 blogs in my bookmarks that I read regularly and none of them are huge bloggers, unfortunately.

Your most favourite blog you’ve written till date.

Oh, this is a hard one. I love all my rants on my personal blog, but I would pick „My nails and manicure routine“ because nails are my first and biggest love. But, to be honest, I really like all my posts so you take your pick.

Your least favourite blog you have written.

I don’t have any that I really hate. First posts were really rough, photos were bad and, compared to recent ones, those are trash. But at the time I was writing them, I was quite happy with them so I won’t hate my roots.

The best blog you have read till date is…

I have no idea. I really like „The Undateable Girl’s Diary“ and „Tea is for Tina“ as I said, but also „Me, Cupcakes and Tea“. Gaia-S is also an awesome one about environment.

Would You Rather

Would you rather date an ugly person with a good heart or a beautiful/handsome person with a bad heart?

I should say the first one. I know what answer everyone expects, but let’s be real. Beauty is a personal opinion and if someone was so ugly to me, I wouldn’t be attracted to them and, therefore, I wouldn’t consider them a dating material. However, good people always look so much more attractive. Example. I met a guy and he is not ugly, but not handsome, so to say, either. I get to know him, he is absolutely a great person and now I really do like him. And he’s getting cuter by the minute. In the end, good heart always wins, don’t be fooled.

Would you rather help the poor or waste it on a party?

With my financial situation, I would make myself happy. Whatever that means. Another example. I just bought myself a winter jacket. I could have survived without it and given it to someone less fortunate, but I didn’t. I bought it. Does that make me that bad? I don’t think I waste money so, in my head, it’s all OK. If I was rich, I would definitely give to the charity and poor more.

Would you rather want your life to be full of money and suffering or less money and good health?

I would choose health any day! There’s nothing more important than it. However, money these days could buy anything (and I wrote a post about this exact topic on my personal blog), so I guess I could chose the first and buy my health on the way. Haha.

Would you rather sit home and spend time with your family or go on a date with your celebrity crush?

I’m quite socially awkward, so I would chose familiar surroundings and my family. Haha. What would I say to my celebrity crush? How would I act? What would I do? I’m already stressed just thinking about it. Also, I have so many crushes, I could not pick just one…

No More Secrets

Describe an incident you’re not proud of.

I was at my friend’s house and he had a mobile phone (when they were just coming out, like 15 years ago) and I was so jealous I took it home and told my parents I found it in school. I was about 7 or 8 years old. Few days later, my dad spoke to my friend’s father and figured it all out, but didn’t say anything like he knew what was going on. The next day I returned the phone and it was never spoken about again. To this day, I’m so embarassed when I think of it.

Three facts nobody knows about you.

I don’t know who knows what, but here it goes. I fall in love with movie/TV characters way too often. (I’m currently planning on marrying Harvey Specter.) I’m afraid of ending up alone. I’ve been thinking about the dog I didn’t adopt every day for the past 7 months.

Name of your secret crush.

What if the finds this? Haha. You know I’m paranoid. I’ll give you initials. A.S. Went to school with him and worked with him.

Choices to Make

Twitter or Instagram

Why do I have to choose? Instagram for personal, Twitter for blog and random shit. Haha.

Tea or Coffee

Hate them both. I choose cocoa and hot chocolate.

Summer or Winter


Morning Person or Night Person

Both. Sleeping is a waste of time.

Introvert or Extrovert

Introvert. Once I’m fully comfortable with the people, I’m both.

Cake or Chocolate

Chocolate cake.

KFC or McDonald’s


Money or Love

Love! I’m a romantic soul.

City or Countryside

City girl over here. Countryside is amazing for weekends and traveling.

Watching sports or playing it

Watching. I only played a bit of basketball and football with my brother and his friends, just for fun.

Movies or TV Shows

TV shows. Or both.

Marvel or DC Comics

Batman. And Marvel.

Home-cooked food or Outside food

Home-cooked. Grandma’s kitchen. Mom’s kitchen.

Gift giver or Gift Receiver

Usually giver. But love getting them as well.

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