B-Connect: Episode 2 with Katie Peaks

B-Connect with Katie Peaks

Sunday is here, and so is B-Connect. This week on B-Connect, I have with me Katie Peaks. She graciously obliged to be a part of this. So without anymore dealys, let me get into her B-Connect answers.

Getting Prepped Up

What is your name, and where you’re from?

Katie, and from England, UK.

What are some of your interests?

I enjoy travelling, spending time with my dogs, researching into becoming a vegan as I strongly believe in animal rights, watching netflix (mainly crime shows) and studying.

What or who got you into blogging?

The stigma around mental health as this is something I discuss quite openly. I hope as more people discuss issues and raise awareness around mental illnesses, it will become a topic that can be talked about in confidence. Additionally, I occasionally post travelling posts as I believe photos of the world brings some sense of comfort and positivity just by knowing that there is a whole world out there for us to see.

Why do you love blogging?

I love that I am able to use my voice for something worth raising awareness for. Just one person using their voice can make such a difference.

What does blogging mean to you?

A sense of self care, it allows me to use my voice and speak about things that are important to me rather than keeping it all inside and not being open.

Which is the best social platform for your blogs?

I have tried sites such as WordPress but I mainly use twitter.

What advice would you give to an upcoming blogger?

To not worry about what other people think. Write about what is important to you, have fun with it and don’t feel too much pressure!

Honesty Blogger Hour

If you could meet one blogger you met online, whom would it be?

I actually haven’t talked to many other ‘bloggers’ as I wouldn’t consider myself to be one completely. I have made an amazing friend through the mental health community though called Joe who is incredible. He is truly inspirational and I’m grateful to have met him through social media.

According to you, name your three underrated bloggers.

Your most favourite blog you’ve written till date.

Your least favourite blog you have written.

The best blog you have read till date is…

I can’t really answer those above as I haven’t really read/wrote actual blogs, sorry!

Would You Rather

Would you rather date an ugly person with a good heart or a beautiful/handsome person with a bad heart?

An ugly person with a good heart, a good heart makes someone beautiful and good hearts are what keeps this world going.

Would you rather help the poor or waste it on a party?

Help the poor.

Would you rather want your life to be full of money and suffering or less money and good health?

Less money and good health.

Would you rather sit home and spend time with your family or go on a date with your celebrity crush?

Go on a date with my celebrity crush.

No More Secrets

Describe an incident you’re not proud of.

Being a lightweight when it comes to alcohol! I once forgot my name and birthday, and then threw up after singing as loud as I could to 80’s songs. As someone who has self respect, this was a moment I lost all dignity. At least I had fun! My head would have disagreed the morning after though.

Three facts nobody knows about you.

  1. ​I LOVE doing laundry, boring fact but I’m obsessed. It’s just something about the organisation that I love, organising things makes me happy.
  2. I drank a full bottle of vinegar when I was a kid, funnily enough the smell of vinegar now makes me gag.
  3. I’m allergic to bacon, which most people know, what they don’t know is that I found out by eating a bacon sandwich at school for the first time and secretly went home that day with the fattest tongue anyone has ever seen.

Name of your secret crush.


Choices to Make

Twitter or Instagram

Twitter, I do love instagram but I do believe it encourages false perceptions of reality which isn’t healthy.

Tea or Coffee

Neither! I hate warm drinks.

Summer or Winter

Winter! I love Christmas and how cosy everything is. 

Morning Person or Night Person

Definitely a morning person, I’m asleep so early I love my sleep.

Introvert or Extrovert

Introvert 100%.

Cake or Chocolate


KFC or McDonald’s


Money or Love

Love wins.

City or Countryside

Countryside, I live in a city currently and I despise it.

Watching sports or playing it

Watching! I’m not very energetic although I do love to hike. I’m also hoping to learn how to ski soon.

Movies or TV Shows

TV shows, currently finished season 1 of Dare Devil and now started season 1 of Jessica Jones!

Marvel or DC Comics

I actually haven’t read them but my favourite character is Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes so it would have to be Marvel comics if I were to try them.

Home-cooked food or Outside food

Home cooked, especially home cooked pies!

Gift giver or Gift Receiver

Gift giver, I love watching people open gifts I give them! I’m awful at keeping gifts a secret though. It’s my partners birthday in a month and I’ve already told him his present!

If you want to connect with Katie, you can from the information provided below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiepeaks/

​Twitter: https://twitter.com/katpeaks3

Thank you so much for reading!

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