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I’m chuffed to bits to have been nominated for another blogging award, the Blogger Recognition Award. And once again it was Katie who nominated me. If you want to check her amazing blogs, click here.

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The blogger recognition award is a highly prestigious award is circled around the blogging community so that all the bloggers around the globe can be recognised, especially the ones whose blogs you simply love to read. Furthermore, you nominate a few bloggers and ask them to give their own views about this award, and that’s how to keep spreading the word. You are basically promoting each other and supporting one another to get recognised and gain prominence. Not only does this help you to connect to bloggers all over the world, but it also helps you in encouraging one another and it also shoots up your blogging viewers.

The Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  • On your blogging website, write about this so-called “Blogger Recognition Award for everyone to read.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and attach their blogging website in this blog.
  • Write your story on how you commenced blogging.
  • Give other bloggers a couple of advice.
  • Nominate as many bloggers as you want whom you believe deserves to be recognised.
  • After nominating them, let them know that you have done the same.

How On The Ron came into existence?


My passion for writing commenced after I completed high school. I was so much into sports that I loved talking about it, and then decided why not convert what I like by writing about it. So I began freelance writing for many reputed companies. As I continued to write more and more, I felt the need to expand to other genres as well. And that prompted me to write on categories such as travel and lifestyle (I intend to write on more categories in future). As I developed the habit of writing, I dreamt of starting my own website, but before I got my own website I used to blog on WordPress’ free website. It may have taken me a while to get this website, but now there’s no looking back for me!

Couple of Advice to Other Bloggers

My first advice to other bloggers especially budding and upcoming bloggers is to first embrace writing and love it. Be consistent in your writings, and more importantly find your niche. It is very important to know what topic(s) you want to write about rather than writing about everything and later on, losing interest in that particular topic. So before you blog, research well!

Secondly, never have that fear of not succeeding, because many bloggers would drop the idea of blogging after a few months or so. Everything takes time, and so does blogging. Also, do not be money-minded. Blogging is not all about money. It is all about putting things into words and doing what you love, with passion. Money will come, if not now but it eventually will. So be patient and keep blogging. And of course, enjoy what you do!


I have nominated the following bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award.

#1. Isa Lillo

#2. Hillary

#3. Pinwheels and Piggybanks

#4. Dezi

#5. Nicole

#6. Kyra

#7. Sarah Welch

#8. Chloe

#9. J L Middleton

#10. Lauren

#11. Elissa Renee

#12. Pooja Pariath

The twelve bloggers tagged, simply deserve to be recognised. I hope you all will take part in this and write about the Blogger Recognition Award and what it means to you.

Thanks, and good luck!

6 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you so much for writing this I have enjoyed every word of it and will always love your writing so look out for the many other nominations coming your way!

    1. Awe, you’re welcome! And thank you so much for the kind words. Also, cannot wait for more such nominations. (:

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