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Photography is a very difficult skill to master, which is why there are many good photographers and just a handful of great photographers out there. And speaking of great, it gives me absolute pleasure to talk about one such photographer that I do believe will reach great heights. She has just started out on this path called photography, and I must say, there is so much potential for her to become one of the best photographers in the world. So without any more delays, let me introduce Claire from Etches Photography. She’s an upcoming, and in my eyes, an exceptional photographer and her clicks speak for themselves. Let us look at some of her amazing photography via her Instagram.

Etches Photography

I’ll begin by showing you my personal favorite. Although, I’m not going to lie and say that I love each one of them, but this one probably stands out to me.

It’s a pink-ish-colored ice flower (as per the caption) and it looks really great, especially when you look closer, you can see the minute details. And that for me is really good photography skills to capture something like that.

Purple is my favorite color and this picture has to be one of my favorite flower clicks. Just look at all the vibrant purple flowers. It can truly brighten up anyone’s day.

Having a bad moo-d? Pretty sure it will all go away after you have a look at this amazingly clicked picture of a fancy cow. Holy cow, it looks good, innit?

They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, but this click wouldn’t have made you go “WOW” if they weren’t all in one basket!

Ever looked at marbles closely? What do you see? Well, see it for yourself again. Don’t these marbles look good from close up?

Looking at nature pictures really pleases me, and I cannot stop but show you peeps another flower click. This one really looks amazing too! Doesn’t it?

Have you ever looked at a cow skull fossil from a really close-up angle? Okay, now you can. It looks really good, to be honest. Yeah?

Waterfall clicks are refreshing to the eyes. Here’s one in Derbyshire. Just so relaxed and refreshing to look at, right? I love it. Absolutely do!

Let’s be honest, these clicks are amazing to look at and we can all agree on what a fabulous job Claire has done. So if you really like what you see, you definitely should follow Claire on Instagram – @etchesphotography! It’s worth having an Instagram feed filled with such incredible clicks.

Thank you!

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