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We all have dreams, don’t we? Some very much achievable, some pretty farfetched, and some beyond impossible. Whatever it may be, its always good to dream big. I too, have some big dreams, none other than getting to watch the Messi’s, the Aguero’s, and the Ronaldo’s take the field before me. That’s right, I’m talking about football.

Watching these legends play live would be a dream come true. And though I’d love to watch them play in my home country (again, another farfetched dream), I hope of watching them at the stadiums I dream of visiting someday. No doubt, I’ve already had my first ever football experience but nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the atmosphere the stadiums abroad gives you. Anyway, there are many football stadiums I’d love to visit, but the 7 mentioned below are the ones I’d definitely want to lay foot on, at least once in my lifetime.

#1. Eithad Stadium, Manchester

Sorry Manchester United fans, but I’m a blue. And I’ve been a blue for over a decade now. There’s no friggin way I’d do a blog on the stadiums I want to visit and not have the Etihad in it. Ever since I’ve begun watching football, I have been a Manchester City fan. And it would most certainly give me great pleasure in watching my team take the field. Besides, I absolutely wouldn’t mind my first live City game to be a derby one. Bring it on, noisy neighbours!

#2. Camp Nou, Barcelona

Outside of England, I’ve enjoyed watching Barcelona play, especially the great Lionel Messi. No wonder it would be an absolute dream for me to sit in the stands and watch Messi and his men take the field. Barcelona play great football, and watching them play live is a treat for any football lover. Watching the El Clasico between them and rivals Real Madrid at the noisy Camp Nou is close to an improbable dream, but a one I really hope I get to experience.

Parc des Princes, Paris

Over the past decade or so, Paris Saint-Germain have been THE team to beat in Ligue 1. They are absolutely breaktaking in the French League and who would not want to witness Neymar, Angel di Maria, Kylian Mbappe and the rest, play. Certainly, I would not! Watching them play live would be a worthwhile experience for any soccer fan.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

As a neutral in Barcelona vs Real Madrid matches, if you dream of watching the El Clasico at the Camp Nou, you most certainly would dream of watching it at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Arguably the most successful football club in Europe and perhaps in the world, watching this club play at home, is a distant dream. Hopefully, the dream turns into reality some day.

San Siro Stadium, Milan

When it comes to Serie A, the Italian League, most would dream of watching Juventus play at the Allianz Stadium. And I would too, but if I had to go by the stadium atmosphere and history, I would blindly pick San Siro. Though AC Milan might be having a harsh time in the league, off late, but doesn’t mean one can not relish the atmosphere the San Siro gives you every time the club sets foot on the turf. I’d gladly go and watch the current AC Milan team, despite its recent struggles. Moreover, who would not want to watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic play for the red and blacks once again. I’m sure I would!

Wembley Stadium, London

The second best football stadium in England (Etihad is first, of course), Wembley boasts of a capacity of nearly 90,000. That’s a stellar number and who wouldn’t want to be present there, especially for an FA Cup final tie featuring perhaps your favourite club (Manchester City) from England. I’d love to witness City winning the FA Cup there. Fingers crossed on that.

Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund

Westfalenstadion or more commonly known as Signal Iduna Park, this stadium redefines the word “atmosphere”. Whenever I’ve watched Borussia Dortmund play on TV, you could literally hear the stadium booming with immense energy. It that could give you good vibes, imagine being present at the stadium. Signal Iduna, I’d really hope to meet you one day!

That’s it! I really hope you enjoyed my post. Also, do not forget to tell me which football stadiums you’d love to visit someday. I’d really love to know.

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  1. I visited Etihad Man City Stadium once. I used to studied in Manchester for two years. I also have visited Old Trafford (Man Utd) trice and Emirates (Arsenal) stadium four times. Good post.

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