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Okay, so honestly, I don’t know what to write on such blog posts and I also don’t really know what clicked my mind do such posts; but here I am writing a happy birthday post for my special blogger friend, Mikaela, It is a first-ever (and definitely not the last) happy birthday blog post I’ll be doing.

A Brief Introduction


Today (16th September) happens to be my blogger friend Mikaela’s special day. She’s turned a year older and ofcourse, a year lot wiser. Since this blog post is all about her, let me start with by giving you all a brief description about her. Okay, so Mikaela happens to hail from the United States of America and I am not sure about the state (that’s probably because I’ve never asked her, I guess?), but I think its Oregon?!

Mik, that’s what I (and most of her friends) call her, is a fitness freak and an absolute inspiration just like Lexie Alford. There are numerous times I’ve told Mik what a true inspiration she is! Not only to me but to many people out there. And I’ve also made a promise to her and hopefully, I will fulfill it (yes Mik, I’m not revealing the secret until it’s completed; its between you and me only).

Apart from spending hours and hours at the gym or working out, Mik loves photography and is a lover of Greek things, especially greek words. In fact, some of her blogs are all about greek words. There’s Philotimo, Kefi, Meraki, Ethos, Eunoia, and many more such blogs on such particular greek words. Moreover, Mik loves a good photo shoot and that can clearly be seen if you visit her Instagram @fit_blondie_mj! She not only looks stunning in all her photos but will motivate you to get your lazy bums off the bed and get cracking towards a healthier lifestyle.

There’s many more things I could say or write about Mikaela, but then I promised myself I’ll keep this short. So all I’ll say is Mikaela is a gem of a friend! She’s sweet, caring, honest, straightforward, and I am pretty lucky to have gotten to know her.

When and Where We First Met


Okay, so I don’t really know the exact date, but a few months ago I met Mikaela on Twitter. By meeting I mean, just online and not in person. But hey, I’d sure love to meet such an amazing human being in person, someday! Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday To You!

So I’ve finally landed onto the main part of this blog. Mikaela, today (16th September) is your birthday and on this special day of yours, I’d like to take this opportunity and wish you a happy birthday. You deserve all the happiness, good health, success, and what not. May you always shine like a bright star and may you also continue to inspire people all over the world. You are a gem, a rare gem, and I am super lucky to have a friend like you!

I hope you will have an incredible day today. And may the rest of your life, be spent in extreme happiness and uncountable success. Take care, Mik!

Thank you for reading! Until next time, peeps! (:

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mikaela!

  1. Ahhhh. While I only know Mikaela from IG, I believe her to be everything you described; and likely much more. Reading her blogs and posts is like feeling a piece of her. She is truly an exceptional human being.

  2. I honestly can’t tell you how lovely this is, your unwavering support of other bloggers is inspiring, it makes my heart smile ?

    Happy birthday Mikaela

    1. I…uh…I…am lost for words right now. Your kind words have touched my heart. Messages like this push me to keep doing what I have been doing. So thank you, Claire! ?

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