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No matter how old you are, you never stop learning. As a matter of fact, we always learn something or the other everyday. Recently, I learnt about things which I honestly never knew had actual names for it. Some of them literally blew my mind and I’m sure it will blow yours too.

Things Which Actually Have Names

The following is a list of names of things I did not know, until recently. Read through them all and see how many of them were unheard of, to you.

#1. Petrichor

Have you ever noticed the Earthy smell after a heavy downpour? Sure you have! That particular pleasant smell has a name and it’s called Petrichor. Just a couple of years ago I came to know about this word. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sweet Couch

Image Courtesy: Sweet Couch


#2. Dysania

Waking up early in the morning can be one of the most difficult tasks especially for the present generation. Well, that disorder of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning has a name for it and it’s called Dysania.


Image Courtesy: BBC


#3. Acnestis

Ever felt extremely itchy at the center of your back but unable to reach that exact spot despite trying hard to with your hands? Well, that part of the body which lies between the shoulder blades and the loins is called acnestis. (I had absolutely no clue it had a name!)


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


#4. Purlicue

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know the space between the forefinger and the thumb was called purlicue. I thought they were called webs (not spider webs) but webs as in the split-webbing injury.


Image Courtesy: Bandcamp


#5. Aglet

I always used to call the metal substance at the end of a shoelace a pointy nib (duh). Little had I known that it had a name. It’s called aglet. Wow, pretty cool name, isn’t it?


Image Courtesy: Xiamen


#6. Glabella

The smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows has a name for it called glabella. I used to think that the entire surface was part of the forehead. Duh, me!


Image Courtesy: Popsugar


#7. Cornicione

We all love pizzas, don’t we? But did you know the outer part of a pizza crust has a unique name? Don’t worry, neither did I. That outer crust is known as cornicione. (it will take some effort to pronounce that!)

Taste of Home

Image Courtesy: Taste of Home

#8. Overmorrow

Did you know that the day after tomorrow was called overmorrow? So instead of saying ‘lets meet the day after tomorrow’, you could cut it short and say ‘lets meet overmorrow’.


Image Courtesy: Odyssey


#9. Griffonage

When you visit a doctor, you must have noticed his handwriting. They are really hard to read and can be difficult to understand (I pity the chemists and druggists) . That careless or haphazard handwriting has a word for it and its called Griffonage.


Image Courtesy: Insistpost


#10. Philtrum

Not sure if you all knew this, but I’m sure I did not. The space extending from the nasal septum to the tubercle of the upper lip is called philtrum. And I did not know that; ugh me!


Image Courtesy: KissPNG


#11. Tittle

This is something I probably knew for a very long time. I add this because I assumed most of you people don’t know what a tittle is (I may be wrong). So what is a tittle? The tiny speck or dot on top of the letter “i” or “j” is known as a tittle.

Mandy Art Market

Image Courtesy: Mandy Art Market


#12. Crapulous

I did not know the feeling of eating or drinking too much was called a crapulous feeling. I shall use that word the next time I eat too much.


Image Courtesy: Merriam-Webster


#13. Brannock Device

The device used for measuring the size of your feet when you’re purchasing shoes is known as a Brannock Device. Truth be told, I knew it had a name. I just did not know that it was called a Brannock Device.


Image Courtesy: Kidshoeology


#14. Mamihlapinatapai

When two people share the same look and both are in the hope that the other will offer help that they both want but aren’t willing to do. That whole thing which I just described has a word for it and its a big one – mamihlapinatapai. That will take me a while to even pronounce that!


Image Courtesy: bSix12


#15. Phloem Bundles

While peeling a banana you must have seen long stringy thread-like substances coming off. Those long stringy threads are called phloem bundles. I had absolutely no idea they were called that.

Trends and Health.jpg

Image Courtesy: Trends and Health

#16. Aphthongs

A letter or a group of letters present in the spelling of a word but are silent is known as aphthongs. For example: knight; where the letter “k” is silent.

Times Knowledge.jpg

Image Courtesy: Times Knowledge


#17. Minimus

The small tiny toe which most of us know it as the ‘pinky toe’ actually has a proper word for it. The word is minimus. So no more calling it the pinky toe; its a minimus.


Image Courtesy: Smosh


#18. Rasceta

Did you know that the lines on your wrist were called rasceta? Well, kudos to you if you did. I just came to know about this while writing this blog. Eeks!


Image Courtesy: Shortbrains


#19. Chanking

We’ve all spat out food for various reasons like the food being inedible, the food not tasting too well, etc. But did you know that spitting out food has a special word for it? Its called chanking.


Image Courtesy: Foodbeast


#20. Semordnilap

Palindromes are words that are spelt the same backwards and forwards like racecar, madam, etc. Semordnilap though, are words that have two different meanings when read backwards and forwards. The below image give you an idea about semordnilap.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


#21. Tines

You know what a fork is, right? But did you know that the long pointed parts on a fork has a separate name for it? They’re called tines or prongs.

Leopard Antiques.Jpg

Image Courtesy: Leopard Antiques


#22. Lunule

The while, crescent-shaped part on the nails of your fingers are called lunules. Did you know that? Because I sure as hell didn’t!


Image Courtesy: Merriam-Webster


#23. Peen

You must have seen a hammer, I’m sure. One end (known as the striking side) is as flat as a pancake while the opposite side is somewhat round-shaped. That round-shaped side has a name and its called a peen. A peen? Woah, interesting!


Image Courtesy: Lumberjocks


#24. Muntin

The strips you see that separates window panes are called muntin. That’s an interesting word, don’t you think? Well, I do!

Ravensby Grass.jpg

Image Courtesy: Ravensby Grass

#25. Scurryfunge

Last but not the least is a word called scurryfunge. So what does it mean? Well, scurryfunge is the time you spend cleaning the house frantically right before guests come over.


Image Courtesy: Mirror

So these 25 names or words I had hardly heard until now. Just as I enjoyed writing this blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, let me know in the comments below about how many of these words were unknown to you. You could also share some from your side.

11 thoughts on “I Never Knew These Things Had Names

  1. This is so cool! The only word I know from this list is petrichor. And it’s one of my favorite words ?
    Anyway, lovely post and I definitely learnt something new!

  2. This is so interesting. Now I can tell people that I have dysania because I struggle to get out of the bed in the morning. Haha, I have really long arms, so I can always reach that spot on my back. Maybe Iā€™m weird like that! ?

    1. Haha, same here. I struggle to wake up every morning. Long arms are cool. I wish I had long arms so that I could scratch my back, hahaha. And btw, weird is good! (:

  3. This post was so fun to read, and I learned from it! Now I have new words I can use to make me sound like a genius! šŸ˜‚

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