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Lexie Alford in Hawaii

I was going through YouTube the other day, and while I was searching for some TEDx videos to watch, I came across this video titled “Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country” by Lexie Alford. It was a 14-odd-minute video, which seemed a tad long for my liking but I watched it anyway.

After watching the video, I felt inspired and extremely motivated and glad that I watched it.

Soon I googled ‘Lexie Alford‘ and came across her website along with her Instagram page. Went through all of Lexie’s trips and photos of all the 196 countries she visited, and guess what, she’s only 21. That’s like two years younger than me!

Lexie Alford – Early Life

Lexie, who’s actual name is Alexis Alford was born in Nevada, California in USA. Traveling ran in her family as her parents had their own travel agency. I also learnt that since the age of 12, Lexie used to collect money for her traveling. And by the age of just 18, Lexie had already visited 72 countries with her parents. It was her dream to visit all countries. And by the time she became 21, Lexie made her dream a reality. She visited each and every country in the world!

Guinness World Book of Records in Sight

By visiting all the 196 countries in the world, that too at just 21, Lexie has overtaken the record held by Taylor Demonbreun, who on December 7th, 2018 had become the youngest (24 years) to travel to every country. She also went into the Guinness World Book of Records! Now the record lies with Alexis Alford, though her record has not yet officially been recognised by the Guinness World Book of Records. But reports say, Alexis will become the youngest person to travel to all countries.

At just 21, Lexie Alford has become an inspiration to all of us, even me. Her incredible journey has taught that if you have a goal in life, keep moving towards it. And eventually you will achieve it. Never quit!

P.S: I shared the blog with Lexie herself via Instagram, and luckily enough she replied with a wonderful message. Take a look!

IG DM Chat

Thank you all for reading. I appreciate it so much! (:

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      Firstly, thanks so much for the comment. And yes, anybody would be inspired by Lexie! (:

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