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4th December, 2019

All the employees of Mike Sierra Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (including me) were busy working when suddenly a message (on our official Skype group) popped up. It was a message from the owner of the company Mr Vasant Sir. He had announced lunch for all of us because of the excellent work put in by all the employees for the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

The date of the lunch was scheduled for 6th December (which was two days later) and the location was the DoubleTree by Hilton 5-Star hotel.

6th December, 2019

Lunch day arrived and all of us decked up nicely for the occasion. Our HR Mr Samir Sir informed us that we’d leave office for lunch at half past twelve, so till then we had to finish our work.

Sir also informed us that we would go in vehicles. And since I do not own a vehicle nor do I know how to ride one (I know its high time I learn driving, but let’s not get into that, lol), I went with one of my colleague cum friend Abhijeet, on this bike.

We all reached the destination by 1 o’clock or so. The hotel looked simply stunning from the outside and the inside was even better. It was beautifully decorated. Some of us simply couldn’t resist from taking selfies and groupfies.

Once that was done, we entered the eating area. It was a buffet system and my word, there was plenty of food. Literally plenty! So many food items for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And not to forget the desserts; there were many of them too. We all ate to our heart’s content. I literally ate till the brim (not to forget the regret that followed after having so much food, especially the desserts).

But all in all, the food was amazing and all of us had a gala time. It was a satisfying day and I enjoyed it so much!

4 thoughts on “Lunch Date With Team Mike Sierra

  1. I think it is so lovely when companies do things like this to celebrate their staff.

    It is so important to feel valued.

    Looks like you all had a great time x

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