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Last week, my office comprising of 30-odd individuals decided to take a mini trip to Udaipur in Rajasthan. We set off from Ahmadabad at midnight in order to churn out maximum time in the city of lakes. It was a 7-hour long journey, which meant we would be travelling the whole night.


We reached our destination the following morning at around 8 am and were only allotted our hotel rooms after 11 am (hotel policies). Since we were quite a few in number, as many as eleven rooms were booked with each room being filled up by three people.

Okay, so we had an amazing couple of days in Udaipur and visited many beautiful and picturesque places, all of which you can find in my previous blog titled “A Weekend Trip To Udaipur”. This blog is all about “Mewargarh Palace: Red Tulip Hotels”, which happened to be our crashing point for our memorable office trip. Now what can I tell you, the place that we stayed in was arguably one the best hotels I’ve personally crashed at.


As you enter the Palace, you’re greeted very politely and that always gives you the good vibes and ‘feel good’ feeling about a place. The entrance was very well decorated with beautiful paintings. To the left, the hotel’s dining room and to the right, the waiting lobby or should I say the place to sip a lovely cuppa in the morning.


Whenever I visit hotels, I always tend to get a small compact room with hardly any moving space, but at Mewargarh Palace, the rooms were extremely spacious. Not only did the rooms have a king-sized bed, a lovely sofa set, a cupboard, but also had things like an attached table and chair, an LED TV, and not to forget, coffee or tea making facility. Even the washroom was well spaced out (unfortunately for some reason I forgot to snap it) with essentials like a dental kit and bathing equipment ready to be used.


The breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mewargarh Palace was a buffet-like system where one could fill their tummies with as much food as you’d like. And honestly, we all did. With a wide range of food items, it was difficult to pick and choose and while we ate to our hearts content, it was disappointing that I couldn’t taste all the items due to lack of space in my tummy. Breakfast and Lunch was taken in the hotel dining room situated on the ground floor, while our dinner was done on the rooftop.


As we thoroughly enjoyed our time out there, I would like to thank everyone at Mewargarh Palace for making our short yet exciting trip, a one to cherish!

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