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Andy and Ron at EKA Club

Sports is something that I love and cherish. At first, I used to love cricket only, but as I grew older and watched other sports as well, I started to like various other sports such as football, tennis, hockey, etc. Yesterday (Sunday, 7th July, 19) I had the opportunity to watch India take on Tajikistan in the opening match of the Hero Intercontinental Cup. Though I must admit, I am not much of an ardent Indian football fan, but I really wanted to watch India play someday, and the day had just arrived.

India vs Tajikistan in the Hero Intercontinental Cup.
National Anthems of India and Tajikistan before the game.

I had booked a couple of tickets (one for me and the other for my cousin brother) in advance. And truth be told, I was extremely excited for quite a few days before the event took place. The match was at eight, and the stadium was approximately 9 kilometers away from my home. My cousin brother Andy and I left home at about 7:15 (I know we left late, but whatever). We reached 10 minutes before the game began, and to our amazement, there was a hefty crowd in there. We had to literally squish yourselves from the main gate into the stadium and rushed to our seats.

India vs Tajikistan in the Hero Intercontinental Cup. Kick Off!
Kick Off: India vs Tajikistan

And the Match Begins…

As soon as we sat, it began to drizzle, but we hardly paid any heed to that and were focused on the match that was about to commence. The whistle blew, and the crowd began chanting “India, India”. Within five minutes, India was awarded a penalty, and the 7,000-odd crowd erupted in jubilation. Sunil Chhetri, the captain of India took the spot kick, and the ball went in. We were delighted to see India go ahead. So were the crowd!

The game went on with hardly any chances to either team until Sunil Chhetri doubled India’s lead four minutes from half time. At half-time India were leading 2-0 and it looked as though my first footballing experience would end in a win for my team. During the half time break, my cousin and I clicked a few photos as you can see. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves as the drizzle continued.

Cheering for India in the stands.

The 15-minute half-time break was over, and the second half commenced. Tajikistan looked a whole new different side as they compelled India’s goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu to make a few saves. The pressure got the better of the Indian team as the visitors leveled up with two goals inside four minutes. That was not it; 12 minutes later, Tajikistan went ahead with a wonderful goal as we all looked stunned. Six minutes later, another goal went in, and India was now two goals behind.

Chhetri from the spot kick
Sunil Chhetri before taking the penalty.

India Fought Hard, But…

It looked done and dusted, and despite their best efforts, India went down to Tajikistan by 2 goals to 4. It was certainly not India’s day as they let a two-goal cushion slip in the second half. The match was a game of two halves with India dominating the first half with two goals and Tajikistan gaining the upper hand in the second half with four. Though India did not give us the win, I was pretty happy to have witnessed a pretty good game. So what if India did not win, at least my cousin and I got to witness good football for 90 minutes.

After the game selfie
India lost, but we still had our smiles on.

It was an incredible experience for me personally, and in the future, I would definitely love to witness more football games. And when I do, I’m going to share them here with you people.

Hope you liked my footballing experience. If you too have witnessed anything for the first time and would like to share it with me, you can do so in the comment section below. It could be anything and not just sports related. I will be reading, so get those comments coming in. Till then, cheers!!!

2 thoughts on “My first footballing experience – India vs Tajikistan

  1. I’m yet to go to my first Football match, hopefully when I visit Barcelona I will get to go to the Stadium there! I’m glad you enjoyed your time and also very glad to see you back on Twitter!

    1. I hope you visit the Camp Nou in Barcelona. It’s one of the best stadiums to watch a football match. My dream is to visit the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Hopefully, someday I will. And awe, thanks! Also, I’m glad to be back on Twitter too. (:

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