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Netflix is regarded as one of the best streaming services in the world right now. Of course, there are other streaming services available but a majority of the people around the world opt for Netflix because it’s reliable and moreover, they have a brand name that is probably better than the chasing pack. But despite being regarded as the best streaming service, there are instances when Netflix simply shuts off and doesn’t work at all. That’s correct! Many a times Netflix does not work and has a few issues, which certainly makes the viewer irritable and restless. But thankfully, you can fix these minor issues, and that is exactly what this blog post is all about. Netflix tends to not work at times, and via this blog, we will look into ways in which you can fix all of that and enjoy your streaming! So without further delays, let’s get straight into it!

How To Fix Netflix When It’s Not Working?

Of course, different users will experience different issues with Netflix, so we will be looking at the more common ones and churn out possible ways to fix them. So let’s dive in!

#1. Not Working Or Error Message

From time to time, a majority of users will experience some difficulties with their Netflix account. One of the most common things would be the not working or error message that is written across your screen while you are busy going through your Netflix to pick out a series or movie to watch. And this can really be annoying and bugging at times and can turn your mood upside down. But hey, calm down, relax, take a deep breath, and then go and check the status of Netflix. When your movie or show doesn’t load up or start and you do have a good working internet connection, then it is possible that Netflix’s service is down or rather offline. So what you can do is, simply click on the link that pops in front of your screen and see if Netflix’s server is down or not. If it is, then voila, the problem is right there. And if that happens then there is nothing much you can do but to wait for the server to be back on.

#2. Stops Working While On Google Chrome

Most users tend to use Netflix via their computers and most likely would use Google Chrome to get there. But sometimes, while you are streaming, Netflix suddenly stops working and this can be very frustrating. When this happens, you need not panic or get irritated, but simply just refresh the page. You can do this by simply clicking on the refresh button on the top left of your screen or simply tap the F5 button on your keyboard. This will allow the page to refresh and possibly get your Netflix to work properly once again.

#3. App Does Not Open

Sometimes the Netflix app does not open when you click on it, and this can really get on your nerves. But when the app does not open when you click on it, this means either two things are stopping it from running. Number one, you have an iffy network connection and that’s probably why the app fails to start. And number two, you are not using the latest version. If your network connection is pretty good, then it’s definitely the latter. So all you can do is update the app from the play store or the app store and get the latest version installed. Then try and open the app, and it should most likely open this time around.


Netflix can be dodgy sometimes, but most of the time it is because we do not pay too much attention to details. So be alert, and you’re probably good to go. I hope these fixes have helped you and hopefully you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience. Good luck!

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