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I’m pretty much sure all of you out there at some point in your childhood believed in things that turned out to be lies. As you get older and when you look back at time and remember those things, it makes you chuckle. Well, even I as a kid believed in things that were not true at all and years later I realized how naive I was.

Things I Believed As a Kid

Here is a list of some of the things that I was told were true but as it turned out, it wasn’t!

#1. That Swallowing Bubblegum Will Make It Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years

As a kid I was told that if you swallowed your piece of bubblegum, it will end up in one corner of your stomach and will remain there for 7 long years. Even today, just to be on the safe side I make sure to never swallow my chewing gum.


Image Courtesy: Psychologized


#2. That If You Swallow Seeds, Plants Will Grow From Your Stomach

Trust me on this but I actually believed swallowing seeds would lead to a plant growing from within my stomach. Years later I came to know how stupid I was to believe such a thing!


Image Courtesy: Wonderopolis


#3. That Bulls Go Mad If They See The Color Red

Not only me but I reckon most people believed that bulls go bonkers when they see the color red. Recently, I learnt that bulls are actually color blind and its not the color red that makes them go wild but the movement of the cape that does!

Wonderopolis 1

Image Courtesy: Wonderopolis


#4. That You Get Hiccups When Someone Is Thinking Of You

I actually believed this till like before beginning to write this blog. I’m still quite surprised that I actually thought this was true (wish it was). My life was a lie. Ouch!


Image Courtesy: myDr


#5. That Wrestler Undertaker Has 7 Lives

I loved watching WWE and Undertaker was certainly one of my favorite wrestlers and the thought of him having 7 lives was something I believed. Years later, I realized it was a gimmick. Real people have only one life, dummy. Stupid me!

Cageside Seats

Image Courtesy: Cageside Seats


#6. That Cats Have 9 Lives

I used to hear people saying “cats have nine lives” a lot and thought that they actually did have so many lives until some research a few years later revealed that it was just a saying. Oh me. Duh.

Mother Nature Network

Image Courtesy: Mother Nature Network


#7. That Tooth Fairies Are Real

I’ll probably not be alone on this one because I’m quite certain most of you too believed that tooth fairies were real until you caught your mom red handed.


Hazelwood Dental Practice

Image Courtesy: Hazelwood Dental Practice


#8. That It’s “I Spy” And Not “Ice Pice”

I remember playing this game which is kind of like hide-and-seek where one person has to go looking for the rest and when you spot them you have to yell “Ice Pice”. All these years I thought it was “I Spy” until a friend of mine brought me bad news saying it’s “Ice Pice” and not “I Spy”. What does “Ice Pice” even mean? Who knows!


Image Courtesy: Gogosqueez


These are some lies I believed as a child. If you have any and want to share them, then you can do so by commenting below.

24 thoughts on “Things I Believed As a Kid That Weren't True

  1. Definitely have the same feeling! Especially That Cats Have 9 Lives hahahahaha and I always asking how about dog? Is that same?


  2. Hey I liked the stories we were asked to belief when we were kids. Even my mother used to tell me those. Interesting you put forward them

  3. Okay, so I didn’t know that bulls are color-blind. Every day is school day, as they say. Even I used to believe the bubblegum thing, until I accidentally swallowed one and absolutely nothing horrible happened.

    They lied to us.

  4. 😂😂😂 I can relate to number these! Childhood! Those were some tears! That’s why you have to be careful what you tell children! They believe jut about anything!

  5. Oh my this is brilliant! I believed the bubblegum and seeds one.

    Although I found out the other day that a tree once did grow inside someone as they somehow managed to inject it and it ended up in his lung which is a perfect environment for a seed to grow!

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