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There are numerous things I’ve come across and wondered what is it’s purpose for, but never really took the effort to delve deep and enhance my knowledge. Probably because laziness kicks in. Not anymore though. Okay, so here’s a list of things I never knew had a purpose, until now!

Things I Never Knew Had A Purpose

Below are 8 things that I’ve come across several times but never really knew what they were meant for.

#1. Mini Jeans Pocket

Within a jeans pocket is another tiny pocket that often raised doubts in my mind, but I never really bothered to find out the reason why. I always assumed it to be some sort of design made by jeans manufacturers until I came to know the real reason. When jeans were first invented, the tiny pocket was specifically made for miners to keep their pocket watches in it.


Image Courtesy: Huffpost

#2. Converse Holes

You must have seen a couple of holes in your converse shoes and probably wondered what they are doing there. Well, fret not, even I am on the same boat as you are. I did not know what those holes were for until now. They are there to provide ventilation for your feet. How simple and how silly of me to not know that!


Image Courtesy: LifeBuzz

#3. Keyboard Bumps On “F” and “J”

Did you know that there are tiny little bumps or ridges on the letters “F” and “J” on a computer keyboard? Well, I did not; let alone what they are for. So why are there bumps on these two letters? These bumps or ridges helps a person correctly position both their hands without having to look at the keyboard.


Image Courtesy: Happiereads

#4. Airplane Window Holes

Off late I’ve been traveling on airplanes quite a lot and I’ve observed a tiny hole at the bottom of each window. I hardly paid any heed to go look for answers until my curiosity forced me to. Okay, so why are there holes? There are two reasons behind this. Reason one being to compensate for air pressure and reason two is to prevent windows from fogging up.


Image Courtesy: BrightSide

#5. Hole In A Ruler

During my college days I used to use these stainless steel rulers which had a pretty big hole on one end. I often put a pencil through it and tried spinning the ruler without knowing what it’s actual use is. Year later I learned that the hole is to hang rulers up. So easy, duh!


Image Courtesy: Amazon

#6. Pot Handle Hole

I’ve seen these big oval-ish shaped holes in handles of pots and pans and never even once it crossed my mind to know what those holes were for. So why do pots and pans have holes in their handles? There are two reasons. Reason one is simple – to hang the pot. Reason two is to hold messy spoons to ensure there is less of a mess and more of efficient and smooth cleaning.


Image Courtesy: theCHIVE

#7. Arrow Near The Gas Gauge

Honestly, I never really gave it much thought as to why an arrow is there near the gas gauge of a car. Maybe because I never drive? Okay, so the arrow is actually very useful in allowing you to know on which side the gas cap is. The arrow comes to use especially when you’re driving someone else’s car or a rented one.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

#8. Extra Piece Of Fabric In New Clothes

Let me be honest here. I honestly thought that extra piece of fabric was for patches. Year later I got to know that I was absolutely…. er wrong. Ouch! So why do manufacturers add an extra piece of fabric? They add them so that we can test how different laundry detergents will react to our new clothes. Ahh, I see!


Image Courtesy: ScoopWhoop

So these are some of the things which I never knew had a role to play. Do you have any such things which you want to share with me? Well, you can by simply commenting below.

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