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England cricket and Novak Djokovic

Sundays are normally fun days for people. They enjoy spending time going out for movies, shopping, and what not. I, on the other hand, love Sundays because on most Sundays there is something happening in the world of Sports. And just like that, this Sunday (14th July, 2019) were two sporting events that were taking place, and that too pretty simultaneously; the Cricket World Cup Final and the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Single final.

Being an ardent sports lover, I was caught between the two sports (I love watching both cricket and tennis). It was hard to catch a glimpse of both but I tried to catch both. Since the cricket (between England and New Zealand) started first, I watched that. Three an a half hours later, the tennis (between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer) was to commence.

So I had ample of time to catch at least the first innings of the cricket.

Tussle Between The Sports; Tennis and Cricket

When the tennis began, I kept flicking channels to catch a glimpse of both matches. In such situations, having two TV sets is a massive craving, but anyway, let’s not talk about that. The cricket was getting interesting, as New Zealand, who batted first scored 241 for 8 in 50 overs. And England were on the backfoot at 86 for 4 at the halfway mark of the chase. On the flipside, the tennis, Djokovic had won two sets while Federer was almost on the verge of taking the match into a fifth and final set.

Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler were stitching together a fine partnership as England clawed their way back into the contest. In the tennis front, Federer leveled things up with a near clinical performance in the fourth set. It was two sets apiece and things were heating up; not only the tennis but the cricket as well. The heat even prompted the official Wimbledon twitter account and the International Cricket Council twitter account to have a funny conversation about it.

Both games were heading towards a frenetic finish and I just couldn’t decide which ending I’d want to watch. While in the cricket England needed 15 runs of the last over, in the tennis Djokovic and Federer were heading towards a 12-12 scoreline in the fifth set. The heart was pounding as I stuck to the cricket, and witnessed something extraordinary, which cannot be explained beyond words. All I can show you this.

Super Stuff At The World Cup and At Wimbledon

While the cricket went into a super over, the tennis even harder to predict as both Roger and Novak were fighting it out, giving each other no opportunities whosoever (though Federer did have a chance to seal the deal, but unfortunately couldn’t).

Back to the cricket where England (Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes) had accumulated 15 runs from the super over bowled by Trent Boult. New Zealand needed 16 runs to lift the World Cup. They sent Jimmy Neesham and Martin Guptill, whereas England handed the ball to rookie Jofra Archer. It came came down to the last bowl with New Zealand needing 2 off the final ball. Meanwhile, this is what happened!

The super over too, was tied. Hosts England captured the World Cup. How you ask? Well, here’s the answer.

England managed to hit 26 boundaries as opposed to New Zealand, who hit 16. And in the end, that made all the difference. In the tennis, it went down to a super tiebreak, where the Serb Novak Djokovic held his composure to win back-to-back Wimbledon titles, and go within 3 Grand Slam titles of the man he beat, Roger Federer (19 Grand Slams).

And hence, here’s Novak Djokovic’s winning moment.

Both matches were simply once in a lifetime experience, and people who watched both the cricket and the tennis, will agree to that. In sport, there has to be a winner and a loser, both on this particular no one deserved to lose, not Federer, and certainly not New Zealand. But in the end, sports can be extremely brutal, and you can hate it at times as New Zealand’s all-rounder Jimmy Neesham’s tweet suggests, but you will always have a soft corner for it.

Though Roger Federer and New Zealand ended up on the wrong side of things, but at the end of the day, sports was the ultimate winner. Period.

And lastly, I would like to end by saying that ”nothing is more entertaining than sports, and nothing will ever be.”

You lose some, you learn some!

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